Estate Planning Strategies and Risk Management

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The Relationship Between Estate Planning & Risk Management

Risk Management and Estate Planning are generally considered inseparable. A comprehensive wealth management strategy provides the foundation to meet your financial goals and needs over both the short- and long-term, assisting you with total control of your financial legacy. Proper Estate Planning can help ensure the smooth transfer of your assets to preserve your legacy.

Key Services Include (but not limited to):

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability
  • Long-Term Care
  • Living Will/Trust Reviews*
  • Power of Attorney*
  • Health Care Proxy*

*These services are generally provided by an attorney. Equitable Advisors, its affiliates, and Premier Consulting Partners do not provide legal or tax advice or services. You should contact your personal legal and/or tax advisors regarding your specific circumstances.

The Relationship Between Estate Planning & Risk Management
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What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning involves putting strategies and instructions in place to pass your financial legacy on to your beneficiaries with as few complications as possible. Your estate plan works with your living financial plan and all of its nuances. Generally both change as you do.

Estate planning is considered a critical aspect of a holistic wealth management strategy.

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Avoid Probate Court*

Without an estate plan containing an executed will that clearly designates your beneficiaries, your assets could potentially get stuck in probate court for years, rendering them inaccessible to your loved ones.

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Plan for Incapacity*

As we age, medical issues that could leave us incapacitated become more common. Assigning a Power of Attorney and having a Health Care Proxy to manage financial and health care decisions can help ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

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Minimize Tax Liability*

Every tax dollar taken from your estate as it is passed down is another dollar out of your loved ones’ pockets. Incorporating appropriate tax deduction strategies into your estate plan allows you to minimize the damage done by potentially steep estate tax rates.

What is Risk Management?

Risk management is a strategy that constantly evolves to meet your financial goals and needs based on your own, unique life situation. A financial wealth management plan is very much a living, breathing document that changes as you do.

We review options for suitable investment vehicles, manage your risk according to your tolerance, objectives, and recommend insurance coverage that aligns with your needs.

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Enjoy the Good Times

Mismanagement of funds or tax complications can derail your goals to buy a new home, send a child to college, retire, and more. Your financial professional takes the time to understand your situation and can therefore provide knowledgeable guidance on 401(k) contributions, Section 529 plans, and everything in between.

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Address Financial Stability

Unfortunate occurrences such as injury, illness, or death often cause financial chaos for even the most prepared families. The right disability insurance, long-term health care plan, and life insurance policies can provide financial protection for you and your family under such grave circumstances.

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Control your Legacy

Wealth management helps you to nurture, preserve, and potentially grow your legacy into a sustainable, valuable legacy that can be passed on to your loved ones through the use of a will or trust.

Our Approach

The Blueprint

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The Blueprint

Just like you would not construct a building without a blueprint, we believe you should not create a financial plan without a similar strategy. A financial blueprint can help eliminate the emotional aspect of investing and grants you the clarity of vision to make calculated moves that are designed to work towards a predetermined goal.

Setting the Stage for Growth

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Setting the Stage for Growth

A financial plan should take into consideration every aspect of your life. Your retirement accounts, insurance coverage, and investment holdings should all serve as vehicles that drive your financial well-being. There may be better ways to cultivate your wealth and estate, and our goal is help you tap into them.

Fine-Tuning the Process

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Fine-Tuning the Process

Think of Premier Consulting Partners as your financial coach. We collaborate and communicate closely with you to help ensure your wealth management strategy is performing at an optimal level at all times. Whether it is speaking with your estate attorney, adjusting the allocation models of your investment and retirement accounts, or anything in between, we never stop fine-tuning our process to fulfill our promises.

Estate Planning and Risk Management are never-ending, ever-evolving strategies. It is not a one-size-fits-all product. We handcraft and fine-tune them with a goal of protecting and growing your nest egg, based on your personal set of circumstances.

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