Executive Leadership

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David Rispler - Premier Consulting Partners team

David Rispler

Founding Partner

516.358.3872 Email

Jason Schwartz - Premier Consulting Partners team

Jason Schwartz

Senior Managing Partner

516.358.3932 Email

David Birns - Premier Consulting Partners team

David Birns

Senior Managing Partner

516.358.3884 Email

Gina D. Ambrosio - premier consulting partners team

Gina D’Ambrosio*

Chief Operating Officer
Director of Group Benefits

516.355.3309 Email

Drin Kukaj - Premier Consulting Partners team

Drin Kukaj

Managing Partner

212.408.2021 Email

Jonathan Stone

Managing Partner

631.462.6527 Email

Pat Gravino

Pat Gravino

Managing Partner

929.328.2857 Email

Jesse Yoskowitz

Vice President

516.358.3882 Email

Paul Casavecchia

First Vice President

516.358.3909 Email

*These individuals work directly for Premier Consulting Partners group benefits division and are not affiliated with or employed by Equitable Advisors or Equitable Network. Any products or services they provide are offered entirely outside of Equitable Advisors or Equitable Network, regardless of their association with, and regardless of whether such offerings are made under, the Premier Consulting Partners name.

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