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What are Corporate Benefit Packages?

Corporate benefit packages are as important to most employees as their salaries. However, the typical corporate benefits such as health, dental, and vision insurance are simply not enough anymore. They are generally viewed by employees as the bare minimum in terms of benefit packages, especially since one (Medical) is required by the Affordable Care Act. If your benefit program is a bare minimal offering or lacking luster, you may have a tough time attracting and certainly retaining employees.

Attract and Retain Quality Employees

Your toughest competitors may be offering additional benefits, such as college savings plans, 401(k) contribution matching, and paid parental leave—things that can tangibly change employees’ lives for the better. These types of corporate benefits not only help you attract and retain quality employees, they enable you to make a difference by taking care of and giving back to those who work hard for you.

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*Premier Consulting Partners group benefits division and are not affiliated with or employed by Equitable Advisors or Equitable Network. Any products or services they provide are offered entirely outside of Equitable Advisors or Equitable Network, regardless of their association with, and regardless of whether such offerings are made under, the Premier Consulting Partners name.

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Our Approach

Creating Something from Nothing

We approach your benefits plan as if it were a blank canvas. It is our passion to get to know your business inside and out in order to fill that canvas and transform it into a valuable asset that can positively impact your company.

Extending your Resources

Premier Consulting Partners aims to become a virtual extension of your Human Resources team. We help you control costs, generate results, and oversee ERISA compliance to implement benefit plans that connect you to your employees and are designed to rival your competition.

Empowering Employees

We are dedicated to empowering your employees to understand their benefits by providing resources and education. This equips them to take full advantage of their benefits, become better consumers, and potentially save money as a result. Morale and productivity boosts tend to follow naturally.

Our Process

Our experience, technology, and access to various Insurance vendors, Stop Loss carriers, and Third Party Administrators allows us to develop a data-driven benefit plan, custom tailored to your company.

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Identification & Action

The process begins with a top-down assessment of your company, including your current insurance carriers and employee behaviors that increase claim frequency. This intimate understanding of your company and its nuances allows us to identify exactly what you need, as well as the most appropriate vendors to deliver it.

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Implementation & Workflow

We do not just implement a benefits plan and then disappear until renewal time. We use our key vendor relationships, technology, and educational resources to help ensure every single person at your company is getting the most out of their benefits. We work hard to ensure that the enrollment process is simple and employees are kept up-to-date on their complete slate of benefits all year.

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Proactive Communication

This is the single most important aspect of our corporate benefit services. We may call you quarterly, monthly, or even weekly just to keep communication open. Even subtle changes within your business can be opportunities for improvement or potential red flags for your benefit packages. It is our job to identify those changes and address them.

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Once it is time to renew your benefits package, we will have gathered a sophisticated set of data based on your claims activity. With this information, we can further tailor your benefits package by implementing cost containment and employee communication campaigns. This also helps us streamline the renewal process and provide even more value for the employees who renew.

Corporate Benefit Options*

  • ERISA Compliance Resources
  • Human Resources Education, Tools, and Forms
  • Health Insurance**
  • Group Short-Term and Long-Term Disability**
  • Enrollment Tools
  • Employee Benefit Communications and Education
  • Workplace Wellness Initiatives
  • Health Care Cost Control
  • Prescription Drug Coverage**
  • Pharmacy Cost Control
  • Plan Design Resources
  • Retirement Plan Support
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Membership Administration
  • Customizable Employee Web Portals
  • Online Policy Handbooks

*Corporate Services are not offered by or administered through Equitable Advisors or Equitable Network
**All group plan insurance coverage (life, disability, income, health, prescription) is offered entirely outside of Equitable Network LLC or any of its affiliates.

Questions About Corporate Benefits?